About us

The Vila Prag is located in a quiet dead-end street Pod Habrovou, in the original villa development of the garden district of Barrandov with lots of greenery. Anyone who has ever visited can feel the unique atmosphere of this place.

Built as a home of a famous czech screenwriter Jaroslav Dietl, the imprint of author´s creativity can be sensed in the house and its surrounding.

The villa underwent a total reconstruction in 2010 and the original idea of the architect Jan Kaplicky was renewed. Unfortunately some of the “fun” aspects such as food elevator, piping for laundry to a central laundry room and so on, were not preserved as they did not serve the contemporary use.

But nontheless, one can see, this house is very special and we are very honoured to welcome you as our guest. The villa can serve many purposes. It is a great place to stay with your family or friends, however it can also offer necessary ambience for your company presentation and any other possible unforgettable event.